Friday, February 20, 2015

How Wax Paper can function as a Time Machine.

First, find the biggest roll of wax paper you can. Then unroll in into a neat pile. Then once it's all unrolled, roll it back up onto the roll as neatly as possible.

There. You just stepped into the future about half an hour and you haven't changed a single bit. You haven't grown... you haven't advanced... you haven't learned a thing... and you haven't accomplished squat. Everything has advanced around you, but you are still the same. If you had done something else, you might have learned something or gotten something done. But nope. You've moved through time unaffected by anything. It's like nothing at all happened. Like you were in a time machine or something like that.

Enough of that.

Now, let's review something that WILL make you change and advance your life a little bit. Make it a little better.

I'm talking about shopping rewards. You can earn rewards when you tell your social media friends what you bought and they also buy something from the same store... and additional rewards when their friends buy... and when their friends of friends buy. You'll travel through time with a bit of a smile on your face. Much more fun that un-rolling and rolling back up a roll of wax paper -- (though there is a time management benefit to that as we've covered).

And, if you happen to have a lot of friends who have a lot of friends who have a lot friends, and all of those people love to shop online, well then... you will earn a tidy little sum of rewards for pretty much doing nothing but traveling through time in the normal way. Then you can spend your time redeeming those rewards for great deals at all sorts of stores and get even more enjoyment out of your time. A lot more than un-rolling and rolling a roll of wax paper -- even though there is a benefit to that.

And while we're on benefits, it's important to note that these shopping rewards are accrued by your doing absolutely nothing other than telling friends online what you bought -- with one click at the end of your purchase. So while you do spend time shopping and telling, it really is a great way to spend your time because not only does it produce viral rewards -- which can be quite valuable -- but it produces a mild sense of euphoria as you realize that you are not -- and probably never will be in a time machine, but you will be earning rewards for doing nothing, so in a sense, you could spend time working for these rewards, but you're not, so really in an odd way, it is a little like being in a time machine -- without the wax paper rolling task.

The rewards thing is for real:

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Poem NOT About Wax Paper

Wax paper can be a little slippery -- and that's a good thing when you need wet things to not stick to it. And that's our wax paper tip for the day!

Do you like poems?? Here is one about our Startup Buddy Buddy Buddy. Visit: or just read on and enjoy!! (Buddy Buddy Buddy Limerick coming soon...)

There once was a man with an elaborate plan,
He said to himself, I can, I can.

Unleash this plan to users online,
A new take on rewards -- the first of its kind.

But how to reach many on so short a penny?
He had to be clever, smarter than any.

He dug in his heals and sounded appeals,
To all who would listen to his stories of deals.

Deals that sell shoes, electronics and wheels,
Makeup and clothing and pink glockenspiels.

That shoppers must all sit up and take notice,
Of a new shopping reward with a spectacular bonus.

Shopping rewards to three levels are earned,
For just telling friends of bargains they've learned.

And merchants will see that for them it's the kind,
A pay per sale plan -- a superior find.

Our system sends shoppers referred with incentive,
Three levels of rewards it's fresh and inventive.

It delivers referrals on a pay per sale basis,
For selling online it's a profit oasis.

It's David and Goliath against the great Google,
We're replacing pay per click and sounding the bugle.

Shoppers are rewarded for telling a friend,
Exponential rewards that seem never too end.

The pain point for merchants is paying for clicks,
Our startup adds social and sales to the mix.

Pay per click charges whether they buy or not,
With us a small fee only after they've bought.

It has pay per sale powers that sweeten the sours,
Of pay per click wasting of money and hours.

Pay per click even when conversion fails,
We drive referrals and you pay after the sales.

For merchants it's better than what Google offers,
A bottom line boost that enhances your coffers.

Not just plain clicks from phrases so stale,
It sends you referrals and you pay after the sale.

Our plan is quite pure and with just a boost,
We can topple the Google and be king of the roost.

Our concept is clear as the nose on your face,
It's time for a change in the online Ad space.

So listen oh doubters of something this new,
Pass this deal up and the loser be you.

Shoppers who seek out rewards are many,
We've a better option compared to any.

Redeemable rewards at all participating stores,
Will bring in more shoppers through your digital doors.

So ditch pay per click and all it entails,
Why pay for clicks when you can pay for sales?

Nothing to do with wax paper in any way, but do visit today (hey... that rhymes too!)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ok. Let's talk about wax paper. I'll say one word: pies. Not exactly sure what that means, but when I was a kid, I remember wax paper being laid out on the table when my grandmother was making pies. But enough of that.

Let's consider something that has little to do with wax paper. Let's talk about zen and the art of startup Marketing. Not that I'm an expert on zen, but the phrase "old zen way" is an anagram of my name so I
Must have something to say of value in that realm. Ommmmmm.... startups.... Ommmm.... startups.... OK. Enough of that. Believe it or not, this blog was initiated to help promote an Internet startup from, well, let's say through the back door. I have a skill for inventiveness that manifests itself in unusual ways. So I figure if I can drum up a little awareness of something like, oh... Wax paper and then slip in a word or two about the coolest shopping tool that replaces pay-per-click with the internets first pay-per-sale advertising model, then it could be better than pointless facts about wax paper. That's not to say wax paper facts are without merit, just that heck, there are cooler things than wax paper.

That said, check this nutty video put: who is this guy and why is he so giddy over his shopping rewards:

And then if you happen to find the above video intriguing, then you may want to also check out this  page on how my startup is going to pickpocket Google:

Let's face it: Google has both enough money and enough influence on the web. I say enough of Google. Give someone else a chance. And today, that someone happens to be me and my startup.

In closing, I would like to touch again on wax paper. It's pretty cool stuff when you think about it. I don't know what the heck you'd use it for other than pies, but maybe after writing about it in this blog for awhile I might just figure it out. And when I do, I will be sure to tell my readers all about it.

Monday, February 2, 2015

I'd like to introduce my NEW Blog. Primarily it will be about wax paper. Not a lot to say about that you think? You may be right. But more on that later.

For now, let's address the tweet that likely brought you here:

This vacuum cleaner sucks! This hair dryer blows!

Are these endorsements or complaints? I'll let you decide.

In the meantime, I've always wondered how the term "sucks" got to be accepted in the mainstream and not considered lewd or dirty or a "swear word". Seems like it should be. I guess if you are referring to vacuum cleaners as the above notes, it would be a "clean word" (no pun intended).

Which brings us back to wax paper (I know... not much of a segue, but hey!). It is neither wax or paper. Well, maybe it is paper, but as I've pointed out, things are not what they seem. Take the internet for example: it started out as a global experiment in information, and now it's a place for global advertising. What if you were a company selling globes? Would that make you a global, global advertiser? I would have to say yes. Which brings me to another point I wanted to touch on. Certainly you are familiar with the "Yeah... no..." reply one often gets these days in regular conversation with regular people. I must say, I LOVE the "Yeah/No". I really opens up the conversation to a lot of possibilites. You can agree, or disagree, or agree to disagree. But back to the aforementioned category of "regular people". Are there such things? And if there are, would such people want to be categorized as "regular"? Maybe in terms of bowel movements, but certainly not personality. I've found that everyone wants to be unique. That's one of the reasons why social media is so popular. People get to be heard. They get their opinions and feelings and thoughts out there for all to read. Speaking of reading, I read the other day that with the Internet, we create more data in a day than all of human history combined (up until 2005 anyway...) Great factoid. No way to tell if it's true or not, Yeah, no... it's true. Has to be. If the Internet says so, it's true.

One last thing before I get back to the theme of this blog, wax paper. Not a lot to say about wax paper, so I don't want to say it all here in today's blog entry, because what would I find to blog about tomorrow? A little scary taking up the worlds ONLY blog on wax paper. But I love a challenge. Maybe that's why I've been pushing my Internet startup called Buddy Buddy Buddy. It's a platform developed that truly monetizes social media.

See what I did there? I promoted my startup which has nothing at all to do with wax paper. Yeah, no. It was a good segue...

Well that's it for today. Check back another day for some more poignant info to share on wax paper and other related and/or not so related topics.